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Why Does My Business Need Social Media?

Social Media

Does my business really need social media accounts?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Corporate Conversions is: Does a business really need a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account? Business owners usually follow up that statement with, “Well, no one is going to follow my business or read my posts.”

Let’s take a step back and examine what social media is and what is its purpose. Social media is meant to connect people and businesses with like interests. That said, when done correctly, a business page has many ways to capture new traffic and gain referrals. Your business needs:

1. A profile that is completely filled out with keywords targeting your products/services 

2. Photos displaying your business, culture, and employees 

3. Reviews and testimonials and the opportunity to leave more 

4. Daily content that will engage your audience and spur discussion 

5. All content kept up to date!

Why Use Social Media?

If you are convinced that social media is not for your industry, here are some things to consider: 

1. Social networking sites are some of the largest and most used sites on the web. That being said, they have more clout than most other sites, which in turn means more exposure on search engines and the web in general. 

2. Search for any business. If they have social media accounts, one or more account will likely show on the first page of Google. If they do not have any social media accounts, they are standing aside waiting for competitors to conquer that Google real estate. 

3. Lastly, if your competition is not utilizing social media and you create accounts and post daily, you will likely see your business rankings climb and/or surpass your competition as Google weights social signals fairly heavily.

Which Social Networks Should My Business Choose?

Generally speaking, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places to start. These are 3 of the largest and most commonly used platforms. However, Pinterest, Instagram, and other industry specific networks like Houzz can also be great resources.

If you have more questions about how to set up social media accounts, which kinds of content to post, or how to engage with your customer base, call us. Corporate Conversions will help you determine your best social media strategy for SEO and customer engagement.