How Important Is Search Engine Optimization?


When most people think of SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is what keywords do they need on the website to rank well in Google or another search engine. Any business’s website should have proper keyword research done by an SEO expert in order to capture its target audience. However, often Google is smart enough to understand what the searcher is intending in their search, so understanding user intent is crucial. Also, when Corporate Conversions does keyword research, we utilize an objective perspective. You may be well familiar with the industry lingo that dominates your field, but not everyone searching for your products or services will know the correct industry terms.

Regardless of whether you search on a computer or mobile device, Google’s search results tend to show the most relevant results based on the searched keywords in or around your current location.

How do you determine the best keywords when optimizing a website?

There are various keyword research tools Corporate Conversions utilizes when determining the best keywords for a website to target. Some factors that help us establish the best keywords are:

  • What keywords/phrases are trending for a specific industry
  • The number of of monthly searches for these terms
  • The amount of competition for particular keywords in the targeted geographic area
  • The target audience’s intent when searching for specific products or services

How are keywords implemented?

Once we establish the most useful keywords, we can utilize them in a number of places, including on your website’s individual pages, blog posts, social media, email campaigns, paid ads, and directory listings. Effective SEO and keyword research will contribute to better rankings, more qualified traffic, and an overall better web presence.

When was the last time your business updated its SEO or keyword research? Have you expanded into new geographic areas or has competition grown since the last time you reviewed these areas? Let Corporate Conversions help you establish the best keywords in order to attract better and more profitable internet audience.