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How Important Is Local Search Optimization?

Local Search

How Do You Search Desktop or Mobile?

Think about the last 5 times you searched for something. What kind of device did you use? Were you on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone? The number of people searching Google on mobile devices has been increasing sharply, surpassing both desktops and tablets. Moreover, when someone is searching from their phone they are usually looking for something within a few miles of their location.

Google’s Search Results

Regardless of whether you search on a computer or mobile device, Google’s search results tend to show the most relevant results based on the searched keywords in or around your current location.

Therefore, recognizing your website’s target audience and their location(s) is critical. There are SEO methods used, both on and off a website, that can help your business reach the people you want to engage. Is your website easily found when searching in within 10 miles of your business? If the answer is no, then you should consider being listing on local directory listings.

What are Local Directory Listings?

Local directory listings are websites like YP.com, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and others that list business information so that consumers can find a business, review a business, or find additional information about a business. Many consumers prefer to do research on a business before making either a purchase or initial contact, so having a better web presence will help searchers find you and search engines give your website the authority it deserves.

Contact Corporate Conversions for a free local directory listing audit. We can help your customers find you wherever your business is.  

How do we help you create content?

Corporate Conversions can help in all of the above areas. Whether we research the content on our own for approval by your business or setup a one time, weekly, or monthly interview/meeting to determine the best course of action in marketing your business through content.


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