Backlink Profile Clean-up

Google has always and will always be changing their search engine algorithm. As a result of this constant change, we at Corporate Conversions are continually investigating any new changes to stay ahead of the curve. In addition, we are building all of our websites and marketing them with best practices within Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. However, should you have a Google penalty there are two different categories, manual and algorithmic.

Google has added a Manual Penalty section to Google Webmaster Tools. If your site has a manual penalty all hands should be on deck to get the penalty revoked. A manual penalty is usually the result of bad backlinks pointing to your website. By having this penalty your rankings and traffic will suffer, and your domain authority will dwindle. We have successfully removed a number of manual penalties from sites and have seen their website rankings and traffic bounce back to their previous superior status.

Google will alert a website on Webmaster Tools if they have a Manual Penalty, however, if the site is affected by an algorithmic penalty this takes more troubleshooting. Having helped sites recover from algorithmic penalties we are confident we can find the issues with your site that is violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and help you remove the issues that are suspicious to Google. The faster you can troubleshoot the issue and correct it, the better chances you have of fully recovering your traffic.

Perhaps you do not have a manual or algorithmic penalty, but are concerned about the websites linking to yours. We can still help. We can monitor, contact webmasters, and disavow links that are unwanted. It is important to monitor your backlinks from time to time. If you are being spammed or someone is using black hat tactics against you, we will be able to tell. If you believe you have a Google penalty or would simply like your backlinks reviewed ask about our Google penalty recovery service.