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What Happened to Google+ ?

Last March, after it experienced an unfortunate data breach , Google announced that Google+ would be changing. The data breach wasn't the reason. Google+ never really took off as a social media alternative to Facebook as Google had hoped. For a brief period, people were using it as a sort of professional LinkedIn before they decided LinkedIn worked better for that (and many more people were using it to network and promote business interests ). No one seemed to either know how to or want to use G...
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Using Hashtag Marketing on Twitter

Previously we've discussed why it's useful to add hashtags to your company's social media . A lot of people in business don't really see the point of Twitter. It's a medium that only allows for short statements, after all. What exactly is the point of screaming into the void? That is a good question. Here we will talk about what attracts people to Twitter and how you can utilize that attraction to expand your company's audience and influence. First Twitter is designed to be social. That means in...
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How Does the General Data Protection Regulation Affect Your Business?

U.S. businesses are becoming concerned about the General Data Protection Regulation that the European Union Parliament approved in April of 2016. The GDPR comes into effect next month on May 25, 2018. Even though the GDPR is a privacy policy for the EU, U.S. businesses will be affected, and they need to know how to prepare to protect both their customer base and themselves. What is the GDPR? The GDPR is regulation meant to ensure that businesses respect the online privacy of EU residents . This ...
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How Should Websites Use Keywords in 2018?

  We've written before about keyword usage , but as Google has changed its goals and its algorithm over the years, it's important to revisit the issue. Two years ago we said: "At the present time RankBrain will not be significantly more important than the other parts of Hummingbird , but Google intends to see how it works and how it learns towards the eventual goal of making RankBrain the #1 ranking factor, making links and on-page SEO a much less important part of how it ranks a webpage." ...
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Google Set to Force a More Secure Web

Google has long been in the business of using incentives and disincentives to bribe websites into conforming to Google's vision for the web. 2018 looks to be the year that a secure web moves to the top of Google's list of priorities. Account hacking and data breaches are an enormous problem with long range consequences for internet users and companies of all sizes. Online payment gateways and contact forms are weak links that hackers target on HTTP domains, and both personal and financial d...
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