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How Does Web Design Affect User Experience (UX)?

In our last blog we talked about why user experience is important . While there are many variables at work in how a person interacts with a website, everyone agrees that user satisfaction, or UX, has a huge impact on whether customers stay on or return to a website and eventually buy anything. Good web design is crucial to attracting and keeping a customer base. At Corporate Conversions we approach web design keeping both our clients and their customers in mind. Both have to be satisfied for our...
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Why Is Website User Experience Important?

Having a website is considered necessary for most businesses to be competitive. Unfortunately, it's not enough to throw a website together and hope for the best. Your website is a very important communication tool for you to reach your customers. If it's not designed to present the right information and guide customers to what they want to see and need to know, it's, at best, flawed. In fact, a badly designed website can actually repel customers, so it's important to consider user experience whe...
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How Do I Get My Website to Rank Better?

Many businesses feel like the success of their website is determined by how their website ranks on Google. This is not necessarily wrong, but it is also not entirely correct. There are thousands of search terms that your customers can search in Google that will send them to your business's website. Which keywords and phrases are best to incorporate into your SEO and content marketing to rank better? Which will direct the most traffic your way? Getting Your Website to Rank Better There are a few ...
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The Corporate Conversions Content Marketing Package

In our last blog we talked about content marketing and why businesses need to incorporate it into their marketing strategy: When content marketing is done correctly, your company's website answers the questions people are searching for. This makes your website the most relevant. In turn it will turn searches into sales as your web presence clout grows. For that reason, content marketing is a strategy every company should embrace if they want to be competitive. In this blog piece we will elaborat...
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What Is Content Marketing?

You may have heard the phrase content marketing but not understood what it means. This is unstandable. Content marketing didn't exist 10 years ago. It's only because of Google's unflagging commitment to the creation of more and better content on the web that it exists now. If you don't understand what content marketing is or why your business needs to incorporate it into your marketing strategy, read on. Traditional Marketing vs. Content Marketing We are all familiar with the concept of marketin...
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