The Corporate Conversions Content Marketing Package


In our last blog we talked about content marketing and why businesses need to incorporate it into their marketing strategy:

When content marketing is done correctly, your company's website answers the questions people are searching for. This makes your website the most relevant. In turn it will turn searches into sales as your web presence clout grows. For that reason, content marketing is a strategy every company should embrace if they want to be competitive.

In this blog piece we will elaborate on what Corporate Conversions offers their clients with our content marketing package.

What Do You Get with a Content Marketing Package?

There are four major advantages to having Corporate Conversions provide your company with content. Your content will be:

Written by a professional - There is a real advantage to having a professional writer produce your business's content. When your customers go to your website, they won't see poor writing, poor grammar, or misspelled words. The information that you want them to know will be well organized and communicated clearly. This will let your customers know what you do and give them more confidence that your company is committed to professionalism in every aspect.

Delivered regularly - Many business owners believe that content is easy to produce so they task one of their employees to produce it, but because no one in their business is a writer, producing content gets pushed aside and never gets done. This is particularly true for companies with products or services that are very specialized or complex. Many manufacturing companies struggle with producing appropriate content. At Corporate Conversions, we write content for many kinds of businesses, and we will make sure that your content will be delivered on time and will be what your audience wants or needs to learn about.

Customized for your business - Generic content is not helpful. It's not enough to do an Employee Spotlight of the Month or to put up pictures of your holiday party. Those kinds of things can be good for public relations and a part of your content strategy, but they won't satisfy either your customers or Google. No matter what business your company is in we can - with your input - provide content that describes what you do and how you do it in a way that your clients, customers, and community will appreciate.

Designed to help your website increase in the search rankings - One of our primary goals is to create content that will increase our clients' rankings for targeted keywords. We research the articles we write, link to useful sites and to other articles on your website, and optimize everything for Google and other search engines. Google has a number of requirements for content, and it's our job to know the ins and outs of those requirements so you don't have to.

In addition to all of the above we also incorporate your content into your social media so that your audience has a chance to see and interact with it on whatever social media platforms you have or want to establish. Combining social media and content is very important. We include social media marketing with our content marketing package for this reason.

It's best to hire a professional to write your company's content if you want your content to be consistent and professional. If you need help designing and implementing a content strategy and producing content, we are here to offer it! Corporate Conversions provides content to a wide variety of clients, and we know how to make content marketing work to benefit your company too. Contact us today to start that discussion and make your content stand out from your competitors'!

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