The Benefits of Being a Google Certified Partner

‚ÄčCorporate Conversions is pleased to announce that it is now a Google Certified Partner. Perhaps you're wondering what it means to be a Google Certified Partner and how exactly it benefits businesses to work with one. In order to become certified with Google, a partner must have their employees go through the certification process and, even after certification, must meet Google's standards to remain a partner. This means maintaining a standard of transparent integrity in customer service and delivering measurable results.

Corporate Conversions is certified in three areas: display advertising, search advertising, and Google Analytics IQ. The first two certifications are very similar. They mean that our staff understands and is proficient in "creating, managing, and optimizing AdWords Display campaigns" in the following ways: advertising on Google, creating online marketing plans, and utilizing AdWords on a client's behalf.

Certification for Google Analytics IQ indicates that Corporate Conversions is proficient "in digital analytics and Google Analytics, including Measurement and implementation planning and Google Analytics configuration and administration." This includes Google Analytics reporting and campaign and channel attribution.

Why does this matter to our clients? There are a number of advantages that this certification ensures. First of all, it means that our company knows the ins and outs of AdWords, including phrase match keywords, broad match modified keywords, negative keywords, ad scheduling, site links inside of ads, ad extensions, and more. If you don't know what some or any of those phrases mean, that's why we're here and why we're Google certified.

Google Certified Partners also have access to beta features within Google that are not yet available to the public. They act as testers for new products Google is developing, which means that the businesses they represent can benefit from the use of these products before other businesses even know they are possible.

Finally, businesses can have additional peace of mind when they work with Google Certified Partners because maintaining that certification is a commitment over time. Certified Partners are required to demonstrate to Google that they are adept at serving their clients needs. They do this through a quality scoring system designed to ensure a higher return on investment. One example of this is keeping the cost per click on AdWords campaigns low and conversion rates high.

If transparency, quality control, proficiency with Google products, and a higher return on the marketing dollars your business spends is important to you, make sure that the SEO and marketing company that represents you is a Google Certified Partner. Corporate Conversions would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about Google rankings and products, and how they directly affect your business's bottom line. Call us today for more information.