The Art of Crafting Landing Page SEO & Usability

The Art of Crafting Landing Page SEO & Usability

Website owners intent on optimizing their landing pages may not be aware of its importance to SEO.  More specifically, Google is believed to rank a landing page based upon how much time a user spends on average on that page.  Conversely, landing pages that have a high bounce rate may signal to Google that this page does not have any useful information users want to read!  Having a high bounce rate can adversely affect a site's landing page rankings.

Businesses whose owners understand this put a great deal of effort into optimizing their landing pages for SEO (instead of simply optimizing these pages for conversion).  For instance, specific keyword usage is carefully intertwined with direct calls to action and expected visitor queries.  While a landing page can be any page a visitor is directed to visit, it's often a page created in conjunction with a pay-per-click (PPC) ad.  So landing pages typically influence  a visitor’s first impression about a company.

With that in mind, what are the ways in which a landing page is optimized for SEO? While landing pages are meant to grab a user’s attention, SEO crafters must also consider user intent.  Highlighting specific keywords in conjunction with engaging calls to action and headlines is optimal.

Likewise, the textual content included on a landing page should be optimized for both conversion and SEO (not simply one without the other).  This is especially easy for landing pages promoting a particular niche product or service.  Specific keywords relevant to users’ search queries likely overlap the same content that is configured in such a way as to increase conversions.  

At times, however, optimizing  for both SEO and conversion can be at odds. This is especially true where Javascript and/or Ajax is used to create dynamic content. Even image-heavy content that improves conversion rates can be detrimental to SEO (very little text is seen by search engines).  Business owners may seek to fix this by including long product descriptions within the alt text or underneath the product image.  In such a scenario, striking a balance becomes an art.



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