Is Your Website Outdated? 5 Signs to Look for


Is your company's website out of date? Does it function they way you want and need it to, or is it failing to bring in traffic or actually turning away customers because of its poor set up or lack of compatibility with current tech? How can you tell when an updated website is no longer a wish-list item, but a necessary one? The following are indicators that it's past time for a change:

Outdated content - If you have old coupons, sales, news, or blogs that are never updated, it gives the same impression as dusty knickknacks. It's sloppy and off putting. Old content communicates to your audience that you let the small things slide or are an absent manager. Either message is bad.

Contact forms - Your customers need to be able to easily contact you, but long contact forms will turn their interest away. If filling out your contact form requires a commitment of more than a minute, they will click out and you will have lost, rather than gained, an opportunity. Simplify your contact form, embed it in multiple pages on your website, and make it easy for your customers to find your contact info if they'd prefer to call or email you directly.

Design problems - Dated fonts and small fonts both make a poor impression. Your audience should not have to squint to read the information on your website. Overall, your website should have a design that maintains a consistent feel throughout and contains a call to action for the viewer consistent with your company's goals and mission. Each page should not have its own unique style.

Loading problems - Old code can slow down your website and cause your customers to become impatient and bounce. Many websites with long histories will also contain links to other websites that no longer exist or 404s on their own sites. Again, this is a housekeeping issue. A sloppy site communicates poor management and disinterest.

Not mobile friendly - Before this year, ignoring your mobile traffic was a bad idea, but after Google made it their practice to actively penalize websites that are not optimized for mobile traffic, it's a catastrophic one. Your outdated website will go to the back of the line in the search rankings. If this is still true for your company, make this problem a priority to fix.

Do any of the above characterize your site? If so, you need to think about how these problems are costing you new business. A new website can also be an opportunity for you to identify your company's core products, services, and goals and communicate that through establishing a clear brand or rebranding. If you'd like help with any of the above, Corporate Conversions would love to talk to you today

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