Out With The Old. In With The New. How Content Marketing, Social Media & SEO Connect To Make You The Expert in Your Industry

Out With The Old. In With The New. How Content Marketing, Social Media & SEO Connect To Make You The Expert in Your Industry

Corporate Conversions takes Google seriously when they say they want well written, relevant content, and so should you. This is the information clients are looking for online, and providing it in a regular, timely, and well researched fashion will bring you to their attention. To create and publish that content, we have developed a system of getting to know our clients, their industries and and goals.

 The first step is, of course, to meet our clients and spend some time coming understand their business and ambitions. Of course, all businesses want one thing - to connect with the right customers, but these right customers differ, sometimes drastically, from client to client. A manufacturing client may want to get his product into the hands of as many people as possible. An artist may be looking to create for a specific niche. It may not be immediately obvious whose business they are seeking, so this interview process is critical. Once we know who you are, what your goals are, and what your products or services are, we can establish an appropriate content calendar for you.


This calendar will be crafted specifically and based on pertinent topics that will be interesting to your vendors, customers, and peers in your industry. If relevant, it may reflect the calendar or business year as well. Corporate Conversions will do the initial research, craft interview questions and will conduct interviews, if necessary, with your staff, in order to create factual and interesting articles on a monthly basis. Then we will optimize it with keywords specific to the kinds of internet searches done daily by internet searchers looking for your products or services. The finished article will be sent to you for your approval and then either revised or published online. We make sure to give you authorship and connect it to your Google+ profile. Over time, with more articles published, this will allow your customers to see how much knowledge and experience in your field you have.

 From there we will market these articles across social media platforms, authoritative industry sites and via email (if desired). Growing (or, if necessary, creating) these social platforms is useful to reach more people over time. Again, we are careful to reach out towards the types of customers you want to engage. People have often widely divergent reactions to the same information. If you are in the energy business, for example, you might or might not want your articles broadcast to green media. This is why the step of understand your business is so important and must not be skipped. Poorly managed social media can go viral in very undesirable ways.

Corporate Conversions will monitor the traffic and rankings you receive as a result of these articles and social media marketing and will modify or tweak our strategy as necessary over time.

Consistently and regularly following this developed process yields significant long-term marketing benefits including: recognition of expertise among peers, customers, and vendors, improved search engine rankings and online presence for both your company and your personal profile, and traffic growth not just organically, but from referrals, both direct and social.

This is a recipe for online business success. We have seen great benefits from using it with our current clients and would love a chance to discuss it with you at greater length in person. To schedule that meeting please contact Max Friar today.

+Max Friar is a co-founder of Corporate Conversions, LLC.  Max enjoys comprehensive website audits and analysis and helping clients with full-scope SEO solutions.  Max resides in Grand Rapids with his wife, Cori, and three children, Brenna, Max, and Jack.

Contact Max directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 616-214-8392.

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