Is Retargeting Worth the Effort?


Advertising is a crucial way to get your audience to click into your website. Unfortunately, it doesn't guarantee that once they get there, that click converts to a purchase or other desired outcome. A customer may be interested in what your company has to offer but gets distracted or doesn't have enough time to make a decision or enough money at that specific moment in time. If these clicks do not convert to sales the first time, is all lost? No! This is what retargeting is for.

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a way of redisplaying your advertising material to your visitors after they leave your website. The most common type of retargeting is pixel-based retargeting. This happens by placing a piece of JavaScript, or pixel, on their browser when they are on your website. If you've seen a website tell you that it uses cookies, you've experienced this.

When that visitor clicks out of your website, the cookie tells retargeting platforms to show them ads related to what they looked at on your website. That person will see those ads elsewhere around the web - when they read an article or blog, check their Facebook page, or listen to music online.

Another type of retargeting is list-based. List-based retargeting can only be done if you already have the contact information of the people you'd like to reach. You can reach them again by uploading those emails to a retargeting campaign - usually on a social media platform. That platform will identify them when they are using the platform and serve retargeting ads directly to them (and only to them).

The reason retargeting works is based on the marketing principle that repetition is essential to reaching customers. According to one report, 97% of website visits will end without a sale or other conversion. Remarketing ads introduce and re-introduce your would-be audience to your products or services again and again, giving them familiarity with them over time and additional opportunities to buy or sign up.

The great thing about remarketing is that it's advertising delivered to people who presumably are interested in what your website has to offer because they voluntarily visited it on their own. Sometimes people even like getting remarketed ads because they are a reminder of something they were interested in but forgot about before they could pursue it.

Investing in remarketing advertising is worthwhile. Ninety-one percent of marketers surveyed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau stated that retargeting ads perform the same or better than search, email, or other display ads. The click-through rate of retargeted ads is much higher than the click-through rate of a typical display ad - ten times higher!

If you have any questions about digital advertising or retargeting as a strategy, give Corporate Conversions a call. We would be happy to go through the different options for advertising online and advise you about the kind of strategy we think would work best for your company.

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