How Does Your Backlink Profile and Strategy Look?

How Does Your Backlink Profile and Strategy Look?

It is our goal to write timely, even seasonal, pieces on often Googled topics for our clients’ blogs. An interesting, regularly updated blog builds a network of readers over time, and these readers can easily become new customers for our clients.


Additionally we brainstorm how we might get links to our client’s website from other websites. Corporate Conversions has access to a community of blogs and websites, and we can arrange interviews, local coverage, and targeted links from other sites. We work on continually expanding our network of sites and work on maintaining our relationships with those sites to make sure that these links remain fresh and strong.

Finally, we ascertain whether our client has a social media presence. If it’s already built, we set up a Hootsuite account for them, linking all of their social media. If not, we build social media from scratch. Once that social media is in place we can update it often with news pieces or blogs of interest to the intended audience as well as increase this audience over time, building up Twitter, Google+, and Facebook followers steadily over time.

+Max Friar is a co-founder of Corporate Conversions, LLC. Max enjoys comprehensive website audits and analysis and helping clients with full-scope SEO solutions. Max resides in Grand Rapids with his wife, Cori, and three children, Brenna, Max, and Jack.

Contact Max directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 616-214-8392.

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