How Do You Improve Desktop and Mobile Local Search?


We all use our devices to do searches to find local businesses, products, and things to do. Do you primarily access the internet using a mobile device or a desktop computer? Whichever type of device you're using, odds are that you have noticed that Google and other search engines are getting more targeted with local search. While the results are similar you may notice that they are slightly different based on what type of device you use, desktop or mobile.

Mobile Local Search

The majority of searchers are now using their cell phones and other mobile devices to find products, services, or information they are looking for. On your mobile devices this is especially convenient if you are traveling, in a new area, or simply want to find that new restaurant to try.

We all want convenience and that means identifying stores restaurants that are geographically nearby and giving the best way to get to these places as well as any other options. For businesses, there are ways to capitalize on this exposure for both desktop and mobile searches.

So, as a business owner, what can you do to optimize for local search on all devices? Not surprisingly, there are a variety of ways.

Some places to start are:

  1. Directory listings
  2. Updated social media accounts
  3. Joining local business organizations
  4. Having a great reputation management plan

All of the above require different levels of engagement and have options for being as visible as possible to the local community. The key for business owners is to fill out all of directory listings and online profiles, make sure your information is correct and consistent, and regularly engage with your audience.

We at Corporate Conversions are happy to be your guide to desktop and mobile local search. If you are unsure of how to fully optimize your local search profile, reach out and we can give you a local search audit and make some suggestions to spur better results. 

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