Does Your Company Have an Outdated Logo?


When business owners think of redesigns, for the most part they focus on their website. This makes sense because a website is the online face of their company. A website redesign or facelift can give customers the assurance that the company is still active, growing, and improving. The website is not the company's only representation, however. If used correctly for branding and in the company's marketing, the company logo will be what your customers think of in their mind's eye.

An Outdated Logo

Often companies will choose to stay with an outdated logo because the branding process can be costly and time consuming. This is true not only from a design standpoint. Updating all of your print material, trucks, signs, and apparel is an expensive project. It's also true that company leaders will be emotionally attached to an old logo or just plain like it. However, change happens continuously online, making it more challenging to avoid a dated look. If you don't believe this, check out what the websites of your favorite companies (and their logos!) looked like 5, 10, or 15 years ago using the Wayback Machine.

If your old logo was created many years ago, it may be time to revisit fonts, colors, and new design trends. You don't need to completely change the look of your logo, especially if you're fond of it. A logo refresh can make your logo stand out better with your audience but still offer the same brand recognition as the outdated logo. If you decide to refresh your logo instead of replacing it, changing print material, signs, and other media can be done incrementally. This will save you money and allow you to take on this task in more manageable chunks.

A Logo Refreshed

Corporate Conversions worked with our client, m.o.d.siLver, a custom table base supplier and manufacturer, to refresh their logo. During this process we presented them with a variety of choices that they could choose from. Here is their old logo:

Before showing them the options we created for a new logo, our graphic designer, Christa, presented some initial options that had more changes to the original logo but were still within the parameters of what this client liked and disliked. It may be hard to let go of a comfortable old logo, but from the outside looking in, even a small change can make that logo more appealing or intriguing.

Here are the logos refreshed:

The differences between the old and refreshed logos may not seem extreme, but taking out the periods between "mod" and removing the text within the logo make it feel cleaner to the viewer. Adding a third color helps round out the color palette, making it more pleasing to the eye. The new logo choices are still very much recognizable and are more vibrant than the old logo.

The Corporate Conversions Logo Package

The clients we work with on the redesign process receive a new color palette and the fonts we used to create the logo as well as the following:

  • Vector Logo – A vector logo (.eps format) for a professional printer. This logo can be easily sized up (or down) to accommodate signage or large format printing.
  • High Resolution JPEG – For internal company use in documents produced in Word and Excel.
  • Low Resolution PNG – A copy of your logo on a transparent background for use online.

Does your company's old logo seem outdated to you or in need of refreshing? We would love to talk to you about what we can create for you as a more striking and vibrant symbol of your business. Call us today to begin the process of designing the perfect logo for your business or updating your current outdated logo so that it works more effectively for your company and its success.

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