Tom Damitio has a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in Chinese language. He has been a blog/copy writer, an SEO technician, an Adwords and Bing ads manager, and a customer service associate. At Corporate Conversions Tom is the account and sales manager. He is responsible for making initial contact with our clients, listening ...and communicating with them about their objectives and goals, and then walking them through our customized solution for their website and business. Throughout the process Tom is our clients’ primary contact; it’s his job to make sure that our competent staff carries out all tasks and solutions in a timely and accurate way. A transplant from the Metro Detroit area, Tom enjoys riding his motorcycle, traveling, reading, and brewing beer in his spare time. More

Website Building: What Goes into Building a Site

If you have started a business or have an old website that you built by yourself to get something that would represent your company online, you may be unfamiliar with what goes into professional website building, front to back. It's more complicated than it looks, especially if you want to capture all the traffic possible and convert a significant percentage of that traffic into sales. What Goes into Website Building? Many things in life seem familiar and easily understood, but once you open the...
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