Mike Reed has been creating and maintaining data-driven websites since 2005. He is passionate about Internet trends and the technologies that influence nearly every aspect of our lives. At Corporate Conversions he is responsible for translating our clients ideas, needs, and wishes into the code that runs websites and converts into real, measurable ...sales. Outside of work, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, checking out the latest microbrew, and getting outdoors to camp, hike, or generally get away from computer screens. More

How Important Is Digital Accessibility?

On October 28, Ellen Doornbos , a local web developer and Certified Professional of Accessibility Core Competencies, gave a presentation about the importance of digital accessibility . This presentation was called HTML + A11y, and among the attendees was our own web developer, Mike Reed. Here are some highlights from this presentation. What Is Digital Accessibility? Digital accessibility means ensuring equal access to websites, mobile apps, and electronic documents for people with disabilities. ...
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