A Little SEO Goes a Long Way When Properly Targeting Keywords

A Little SEO Goes a Long Way When Properly Targeting Keywords

To give an example, the charts below show the before and after of a site that did not have its keywords properly optimized on its website. Check out what happened to the rankings in one week! (“Red” is a decrease in ranking position. Conversely, “green” is an increase in ranking.)


Keywords not targeted on the website:

keyword not targeted

The next week with the keywords implemented properly:

keyword targeted

In the past, it was easy for SEO consultants to game search engines by spamming keywords across a website. However, in recent years, Google and Bing have both begun heavily penalizing this practice. Proper keyword research and implementation must be done to rank well in this new age of searching. Keywords are only a small piece of the SEO pie, but, nonetheless, they can go a long way, creating new opportunities for your business.

+Max Friar is a co-founder of Corporate Conversions, LLC. Max enjoys comprehensive website audits and analysis and helping clients with full-scope SEO solutions. Max resides in Grand Rapids with his wife, Cori, and three children, Brenna, Max, and Jack.

Contact Max directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 616-214-8392.

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