3 Terrible SEO Myths You Might Believe

seo myths

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is something most people have heard of, but many do not understand well. There are many myths about what SEO is and what it can do for a website. Today we'll dismantle three terrible SEO myths, so you don't have to.

Myth #1: SEO Experts Can Guarantee Your Site Top Rankings Fast

SEO is the exact opposite of magic - it's the practice of regularly and consistently creating and formatting your website content in a way that Google prefers it so that they reward you in the search results for commonly used terms. Google's algorithm is incredibly complex, more complex than any one person, no matter how smart, can predict. To give you an idea of what Google factors in, people use Google to search for certain keywords 3.5 million times per minute. No SEO expert can predict which keywords will be searched, so it's almost impossible for anyone to guarantee anyone fast search rankings.

That doesn't mean paying for SEO expertise is a waste of money. Every business that wants to succeed should try to capture as much attention as possible, whether through traditional media or online search results. A good SEO agency can help corral that attention through meta keyword phrases, link building, content marketing, and website design.

Myth #2: Once Is Enough

Solid SEO takes time to build, and must be maintained overtime. No overnight solution will work long term. If you hire an SEO expert to fully optimize your website and then ignore that website, you will see your organic search traffic fall over time because any new content will not be optimized or interlinked with the rest of your website. Updated SEO will prevent or address link degradation, new page creation, updates to Google's algorithm, and outdated content.

Some websites do not need continuous SEO investment. If your company has a hard time meeting the demand you already have for your products or services, more SEO work is probably not needed, although you should have at least one annual audit of your SEO done to make sure there are no large SEO errors embedded in your website.

Myth #3: Link building Is Bad

In the earlier days of the internet and Google, many SEO experts were able to manipulate Google's algorithm using simple tactics. Google's overall goal, however, is to make the internet more interesting and useful - not to allow certain sites, no matter how large or important, to harness traffic. They've made their algorithm more complex and changed it continually over time to make sure Google can't be played.

Still links are a really good way to connect information, and people use them all the time to find what they want online, so Google still factors link building into its algorithm. Good link building that respects Google's guidelines is a proven tactic and will improve a site's search rankings if done correctly.

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