3 Inexpensive Ways for Manufacturers To Drive Leads Through Their Websites

3 Inexpensive Ways for Manufacturers To Drive Leads Through Their Websites

It's relatively simple for companies that make or market trendy products to use social media and other internet tools to drive leads to their websites and generate sales. Facebook users love to share Etsy goods or natural/organic products with their friends. There are so many products that manufacturers produce, however, that are not easily marketable to the Facebook crowd but that are used everyday and all of the time. What are the manufacturing companies who produce these products supposed to do to capture the public's interest and drive leads through to their websites? How are they supposed to find their target audience in a rapidly changing and expanding system of marketing. There are a number of ways, three of them very straightforward, and we will discuss them here.

One strategy any business can use that will both make an SEO difference and help connect a business to the public is to build a presence in local directories or industry-specific directories. In the old days people used the yellow pages to find businesses within certain niches. Today your business should make sure it is listed in directories like Yelp, Yellowpages, and Superpages, and any directories that list businesses within your industry. Corporate Conversions places our clients on 45+ of these directories in order to increase website visibility and rankings across a targeted market for their most searched keywords. Creating a Google+ local page is another excellent way of getting the word out and communicating with an intended audience and is completely free.

Another idea that can generate leads is using contact forms on a company website. While long contact forms may drive certain customers away, specifically designed, strategically placed forms give that company's audience the chance to make contact or ask questions they need answers about in a way that doesn't imply commitment. Want more inquiries? Short forms that use relevant, non-intimidating words work well to increase them.

A third strategy that every company needs to get behind now is optimizing their mobile site and making sure it's designed to load and be used on mobile phones and tablets. As of almost a year ago Google began penalizing search rankings for companies that had sites that had not updated their websites for use on mobile devices. This kind of upgrade is not expensive to do and will help your company both interact with its customers and rank higher in search results on Google.

All three of the above are comparatively fast fixes for any business, but particularly relevant for manufacturing or industrial companies that struggle with getting their name and products in the public's mind. If your company would like more leads and more exposure, contact us at Corporate Conversions. We would be glad to advise you on what can be done quickly and over time to increase both reach and sales. 

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