SEO for Michigan Manufacturing: Big Increases In Rankings and Sales Leads for Industrial Parts Washer Manufacturer!

Corporate Conversions began its relationship with AEC Systems back in December 2012. At that time the owner contacted us via our website and was interested in SEO/Adwords Management services. Max Friar, one of the partners of Corporate Conversions, met over coffee a few times with AEC’s ownership to devise a strategy. CC started to work on the site in January 2013.

Prior to AEC’s contact none of us were familiar with industrial part washing machines, however we have since learned that nearly everything we touch has in some respect touched a parts washer. In essence, clean parts keep engines, appliances, equipment, etc more efficient and longer-lasting because they reduce the amount of dirt and grime that gets into things that slows and breaks them down. You can read more about AEC in a recent interview post that we obtained on GRAPE.

Utilizing Market Samurai for keyword research, we quickly determined that the most potentially valuable keywords for AEC were derivations of “industrial part washer”, specifically “industrial parts washers,” “industrial parts washer,” and “industrial part washers.”  As you can see from the screenshot below, these keywords had the potential - with a #1 organic ranking - of driving between 10-14 clicks per keyword per day. While that does not sound significant at first pass, if it proved true, that would add between 300-420 hits per month, which is very significant for a niche industrial equipment supplier.  

Keyword Rankings for Case Study

We immediately optimized the home page for these keywords, specifically we ensured that the SEO Title, Meta Description, Header Tag and page copy contained the keywords. We also included the work “aqueous” in order to differentiate the products from historically popular “solvent” washers.

Simultaneously we also fixed a number of broken links, updated WordPress CRM to the most recent version, and began to update the company’s blog on a regular basis.

After conducting keyword research for each of the company’s product lines, using our proprietary SEO Sitemap template we wrote and implemented on-page SEO for each sub-page.

Following implementation of on-page SEO we have worked with the company and our blogger network to build backlinks slowly and methodically. The culmination of our work has been a terrific rise in rankings, traffic and sales leads coming into the company.

Here is a snapshot of rankings increases for “industrial parts washers.”  As you can see, starting back in January 2013, the site was ranked 20th in Google (blue line), which is typically the bottom of Page 2. Sites that rank this low rarely, if ever, get traffic.  As of July 5, 2013, the site ranked #1 organically in Google for this “MVP” keyword. Now, as you can see, and as is typically with SEO, the path to #1 is rarely, if ever, without roadblocks. Nor is it ever secure! SEO requires a long-term commitment, willingness to experiment and constant vigilance in the face of increasing competition and increasingly sophisticated algorithmic updates.  

Keyword Ranking Growth AEC

As an illustrative example, here is a Google Analytics snapshot of traffic growth for keywords containing the word “industrial.” The data shows January 2013 versus June 2013. As you can see, the site has received conservatively 363 more visits than it did only six months earlier just for keywords with the work “industrial” in them. We say conservatively because this count does not included encrypted searches (made when people are logged into their Google Accounts).

industrial keyword growth

Overall, year-over-year, organic traffic is up 17% and June over June, organic traffic is up over 25%. We are most encouraged, however, that the owner is reporting significant increases sales leads and quoting opportunities coming from the web.

We look forward to a long and productive working relationship with AEC Systems USA!

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