Corporate Conversions began working with Caelynx in November 2013. Caelynx is primarily a consulting firm specializing in computer-aided engineering (CAE) and finite element analysis (FEA) engineering, staffing and consulting for large companies worldwide. Our work is not yet finished with Caelynx; however, what we’ve done for Caelynx demonstrates well that initial efforts can lead to rapid rankings results.

We began by fully understanding our client’s goals. Caelynx wanted to use the web to garner more sales leads related to their primary service offerings: CAE software (focused on Dassault Systemes’ CATIA & SIMULIA), CAE/FEA Consulting services and engineering staffing.

Next, we conducted a site technical audit, which revealed duplicate titles, meta descriptions, lack of a sitemap or robots.txt file, and numerous other site infrastructure items that needed to be fixed in order for the site to be properly indexed by Google. We made sure those issues were fixed ASAP; after all, there’s little point in optimizing a site if Google can’t crawl the website effectively.

Next, using Market Samurai and Google’s Keyword Planning tool we determined that the best keywords to integrate into the site included the following:

  • cae consulting

  • fea consulting

  • simulia support

  • cae engineering services

  • product development services

  • over time we will expand the site’s content to focus nation and worldwide, however initially we focused on obtaining results for “michigan” or “mi” searches. Caelynx is headquartered in Michigan and it’s also where it has a strong base of clients and prospects.

 We proceeded to optimize the site’s content for derivations of these keywords. After about two weeks, the results were in:

ranking snapshot 12-27-13

Here is a great example of how fast Google rewards proper SEO:

cae consulting growth

On December 13, 2013, the site was ranked #34 (the 4th Page of Google - where no one goes) for “cae consulting”. By the 26th of December it was ranked #9 (on Page 1)! Now of course we want our client to achieve #1 real estate, however who can argue with Page 1 in two weeks?

 As we said, is a work in progress, but so far the results are headed in the right direction! Our plans for 2014 include working with our client to improve site usability (and conversions), monitor analytics, add optimized content to the site, add regular blog posts and continue to update and inform a growing social media base. We are certain the combination of these efforts will establish our client as the experts in the CAE consulting industry and help them to reign at the top of Google!

If you are interested in having your site evaluated by our SEO specialists, please contact Max Friar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 616-214-8392.

+Max Friar is a co-founder of Corporate Conversions, LLC.  Max enjoys comprehensive website audits and analysis and helping clients with full-scope SEO solutions.  Max resides in Grand Rapids with his wife, Cori, and three children, Brenna, Max, and Jack.