"Our organic search traffic and website sales have risen 150% over last year! We highly recommend your SEO services. Thank you, Corporate Conversions!"

- owners, KickboardUSA.com


We began working with KickboardUSA in 2010. They were very interested in migrating to a more versatile and secure shopping cart in addition to having us help them increase their Google organic rankings to capture more general traffic. 

We assisted them in switching e-commerce platforms, optimized their website homepage and sub-pages, assisted them in ramping up their Facebook Page by conducting a variety of contests, and also embarked on an aggressive manual link-building campaign. We also setup goals and e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics, reviewed their existing Adwords campaigns, removed hundreds of non-performing keywords, and turned their PPC advertising into a lean, mean revenue-producing machine. Truly a great effort in the SEO marketing of children's products. 

The results have been fantastic.  Year-over-year organic traffic and sales have increased over 150%!  Slowly and steadily KickboardUSA.com is overtaking long-established competitors like Razor in Google rankings, achieving a #1 organic ranking for a variety of keywords related to its reputable line of kick scooter products. 

We continue to very much enjoy our relationship with KickBoardUSA.com as they grow their business!

A few other quick facts about our search engine optimization work with KickboardUSA.com:

  • organic search has increased from 35% of overall new visits to 45%+ of new visits.
  • organic traffic for targeted keywords (e.g., "kick scooter") has grown over 1,000% year-over-year. 
  • Adwords conversion rates have increased from 3% to 6% on average. 
The below graphic demonstrates KickboardUSA's organic search engine growth: 
Kickboard USA Organic Traffic Growth


 "Thank you, Corporate Conversions. Our business is growing faster than ever thanks to your search engine marketing and website development help! We strongly recommend you to anyone seeking to grow their traffic and sales!"

- KickboardUSA Ownership