In January 2015, Corporate Conversions were referred to Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery out of Houston, TX. Their website already had a decent amount of traffic, but they wanted to target the local area more aggressively. Additionally, Bancroft Feldman knew that most of their clients and prospective clients used mobile devices to find them.

Here is what we did:

  • Researched and optimized website pages/html for target keywords.
  • Studied local competition and implemented best practices for our client.
  • Made sure our clients’ information was optimized and listed correctly across 50+ local directory sites.
  • Consistently wrote, optimized and posted blogs and on social media to improve site content.
  • Added reviews to the website from third party credible websites.
  • Studied Google Analytics consistently to determine what was working and what needed improvement.

Through all of these and other ongoing efforts we have seen significant growth in local traffic and search volume. We were able to increase search traffic 98% over the previous year in the same time period in the targeted area of Houston.

Bancroft Feldman Local Traffic Soars

Testimonial from Evan Feldman at Bancroft Feldman Plastic Surgery:

“We’ve previously been successful in making our website look pretty, and getting top notch exposure with expensive Google AdWords PPC, but we fell flat in the organic Google ranks. We also didn’t have a mobile friendly site. I was referred to Corporate Conversions from our web design team.

However, as any good businessman should, I explored the web for online marketing and SEO firms and was shocked at the cost, long-term contracts and absolute absence of any guaranteed results despite tying up huge sums of money these other options provided. Typically the longer the contract, the longer the screwing.

Tom and Mike at Corporate Conversions agreed that, for SEO, no guarantees can or should be made, but were completely happy to prove themselves with month-to-month agreements and a pay-as-you-go, a-la-carte pricing structure. This alone gave me the confidence to embark on a multi-step approach at improving our site and build trust and experience with each other. No vendor has ever been as prompt and on top of my projects as the team at Corporate Conversions.

We’ve implemented multiple new features both visible on the site and behind the scenes with immediate improvement in rank and organic traffic, as well as a mobile site. I actually think looks great and doesn’t leave me hunting for the “view full site” link at the bottom of the page. We’ve continued to expand the responsibility and scope of work with Corporate Conversions, and they continue to deliver top notch service, reasonable, straightforward, a-la-carte pricing and, most importantly, results! I cannot recommend them enough.”

- Evan Feldman, Owner