In recent years, Google has been working on improving local search ranking factors, focusing on giving local companies more page real estate on local searches. Many times when you search for a product or business it is within a few minutes or miles away, and this is increasing as more and more searches are happening on mobile devices. If a hungry web user were to simply search “food” on the Google search engine, they would likely see a structured snippet listing restaurants in the surrounding area above any organic search results. Since we are a Grand Rapids SEO company, conducting this search brings up some highly rated local eateries. While in the past these types of results were more prominent for restaurant and hotel related searches, Google has been extending local search results to a wide range of industries where finding nearby companies may be useful.

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Therefore, it is important to target your local market by including targeted keywords, social media and local online directories as part of your local seo strategy. By having a Google+ local page and being present on Yelp, Yellowpages, Superpages, etc. you will be more easily found organically and building links in the process. Corporate Conversions is able to place our clients on 45+ of these local directories to give your website better visibility and rankings across your most desired market for your highest searched keywords. Being listed locally is important, but to have the best results all of your information should be consistent across each website. You do not want to have the wrong address or phone number listed on one or multiple websites. Not only will your customers or potential customers find this inconvenient, the search engines will pick up on this too and rank you lower as a result of inconsistency.

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Apart from local directory listings, Corporate Conversions helps clients with local search optimization to improve organic results on company name searches. We’ll make sure companies have the best opportunity to produce additional sitelinks under brand name search results, show up with correct information on Google Maps and ensure that a business page shows up on the right side of search results. If you’re interested in improving your company’s local search results with local seo services, contact Corporate Conversions today!