Apart from being a Google Certified Partner, Corporate Conversions is very transparent when it comes to our PPC management. You’ll never be in the dark when it comes to your PPC account. We provide monthly PPC performance reports that will let you know how your account is doing Paid advertising is a rocky road with a lot of ups and downs. We’ll never hide when the account isn’t performing well during our monthly and inform you active steps we are taking to make improvements.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click, often shorted to PPC, is a specific model of online advertising wherein advertisers pay a search network, the most prominent being Google AdWords, for each user that clicks on their ad. Although there are different ad payment models, PPC is the general term that refers to general online advertising whereas “cost-per-click” is used to describe that particular payment model.

Why do Paid Ads?

So what’s the benefit of paid advertising when you can get organic traffic for free? Well, first of all it’s a lot hard to place on the top page of search engines organically, especially for smaller businesses. Paid ads allow an easier way to get front page exposure on search results that you target specifically. There is also a wealth of data available for keywords and audiences coming into your site from paid ads that can be used to help improve other traffic channels.

Going with a PPC Agency

The big question after deciding to run PPC is deciding who is going to be in charge of PPC management. Should you try to tackle it yourself, hire an employee or pay a PPC agency to run the account? There are costs and benefits to every option and while managing your own PPC account may be cheaper, a successful paid ad campaign requires constant monitoring and maintenance. It’s not simply “set it and forget it”. If you want to make the most out of your paid ad campaigns, you should strongly consider hiring a PPC agency.

The benefits of hiring a PPC agency include:

  • Save Time

  • Acquired Knowledge Managing Multiple Campaigns

    • Can utilize knowledge gained managing clients in similar industries

    • Experience with techniques that have proven to work

    • Effective Keyword Research

  • Proper tracking can be confusing to setup

  • Relationships with Google AdWords Reps

    • Troubleshoot issues much faster

    • Good rep relationships give access to beta features

  • No risk in losing PPC knowledge in the event of an employee leaving the company

  • No learning curve

    • There is a lot to know when it comes to PPC management when it comes to available features, how to read keyword data and what changes to make that are most likely to improve campaign performance.

Why Hire Corporate Conversions?

Corporate Conversions is a Grand Rapids SEO company that provides PPC management services to helps clients make the most out of paid advertising. We can either provide a PPC account audit and optimize an existing account or create an entirely new account, taking advantage of the Google AdWords coupon that is available for new accounts. While our focus is mainly on Google AdWords, our team is capable of managing on a variety of different ad networks including Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini and Facebook Ads. Don't believe PPC is for your business. Read our case study with proven results.

PPC Services include:

  • Weekly Account Management

    • Bid Reviews & Adjustments

    • Ad Reviews & A/B Testing

    • Ad Extension Setup

    • Search Term Reviews to:

      • Find new keywords

      • Identify negative keywords

  • PPC Account Setup

    • Optimized Account Structure

    • Keyword Research

    • Search Network Campaigns

    • Display Network Campaigns

    • Shopping Campaigns

  • Remarketing

  • PPC Review & Audits