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What Is the Difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO?

Business owners invest in SEO because they know that it will bring more of their customers to their website where they can interact with them directly and convert clicks to sales or other intended outcomes . Not all SEO is the same, however. If you do not hire a trustworthy and reputable company to do SEO, they may sell you "black hat" SEO services. Black hat SEO is easier to implement, but it can result in a huge penalty that is essentially internet invisibility. Understanding the differen...
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What Is Google Tag Manager?

Website owners looking to track and increase conversions have several free and very useful tools available to help them achieve that goal. One is Google Analytics, and the other is Google Tag Manager. Here we will talk about what Google Tag Manager is and how it works. Tag Manager is Google's free tag management systems (TMS) that is used to quickly and easily update various tags and code snippets on a website. It allows people without much coding knowledge to add or update tracking tags without...
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What Conversions Should You Be Tracking for Your Website?

When website owners build or overhaul a new website or begin to make forays into digital advertising, they have questions. Are these actions having an effect ? Is it worth spending more money on this strategy or is another one preferable? No one wants to throw money at solutions that don't result in greater business success. It's at this point that the term "conversions" comes up in conversation. What exactly is a conversion? What Are Conversions? Essentially, a conversion is any action on your ...
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How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

How much exactly does digital marketing cost? People often wonder what the cost of good digital marketing is, and the answer is: It depends. Unfortunately, that's not a very helpful response for any company on a budget, so in this blog we will break down the different aspects of digital marketing into ballpark numbers. At Corporate Conversions, we understand the importance of a professional, continuously maintained online profile, and we want to help our clients plan for their digital marketing ...
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The Difference between PPC and CPC

If your company is new to online advertising, you may find that there are terms and strategies involved that can be confusing for the uninitiated. Here we will talk about three terms, PPC, CPM, and CPC, what they mean, how they differ from each other, and how advertisers use these concepts to create effective, successful PPC ad campaigns . Several months ago, we gave some instructions on how to start this process by creating a google ads account . Once you have this account set up and are consid...
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