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What Is Content Marketing?

You may have heard the phrase content marketing but not understood what it means. This is unstandable. Content marketing didn't exist 10 years ago. It's only because of Google's unflagging commitment to the creation of more and better content on the web that it exists now. If you don't understand what content marketing is or why your business needs to incorporate it into your marketing strategy, read on. Traditional Marketing vs. Content Marketing We are all familiar with the concept of marketin...
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Corporate Conversions Acquires SLB Networks

Corporate Conversions is pleased to announce that in June of 2018 we acquired SLB Networks , a digital marketing company based in Belmont, Michigan. Ryan Duba , owner of SLB Networks, will be partnering with Corporate Conversions to make sure that his clients will continue to get the same professional and responsive service they always have. He will be available to them both during and after this transition. As a result of this acquisition, SLB Networks clients will have access to a wider array ...
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What Do You Get with Corporate Conversions Managed Hosting Package?

‚Äč In our last blog we talked about what managed hosting is and why it's so important for your website. In this blog we will talk specifics about what you get when your company has a managed hosting package through Corporate Conversions. In general, the most obvious benefit of managed hosting is a website that is up to date in all of its software, including its content management system and all additional software. Your website will work smoothly and well or we'll be there promptly to fix it. We ...
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What Is Managed Hosting? Does Your Company Need It?

Managed hosting is a concept people get confused about. They don't understand what it is, why their website might need it, or why it costs more money than hosting. Since we get a lot of questions about managed hosting at Corporate Conversions, we will go through these questions and answer them to help you understand why managed hosting is so important to your website. What Is Managed Hosting? First we should explain the concept of hosting. All websites, in order to exist, need to be stored or "h...
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Plan Your Holiday Keyword Research in Advance for Best Sales

It's Christmas time, and we at Corporate Conversions wish our clients and you great 4th quarter sales. This year looks very promising for businesses. eMarketer is predicting that total retail sales in the U.S. will be $1.002 trillion as a result of the Christmas holiday, with ecommerce sales growing by 16.6 percent. Here we'll go over how to use holiday keyword research to increase sales and profitability so that your company can dominate the Christmas season, Valentine's Day, Mot...
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