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Google My Business Posts: A Local Search and Marketing Opportunity

Google My Business is a game changer for local search. It's something all businesses should be utilizing. We have talked before about why Google My Business is a valuable (and free!) local search tool , and we've detailed what you need to do to claim your company's Google My Business listing . Optimizing and updating your listing will make your company vastly more competitive within your local market. Updating your Google My Business listing with regular posts goes a step beyond and gives your b...
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How to Claim a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is one effective way small and medium sized businesses can improve their local search rankings and traffic to their sites. Creating and optimizing a Google My Business account is simple and free. It puts your business on Google Maps and helps differentiate your company from your competition in searches as users will see your listing come up in the sidebar when they search for related products or services. This is free advertising, so you definitely want to take full advantage ...
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Why Is My New Website Not Ranking Well?

It's not uncommon that a business will redesign its website a few times over the years. There is always new technology to improve certain aspects of the business's online presence. A business may rebrand or have new products or services that need to be showcased. A company may invest in a redesign to improve user experience or because the site is not ranking well. There are many very valid reasons for redesigning a website . However, a website redesign does not automatically improve rankings , t...
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How Does Web Design Affect User Experience (UX)?

In our last blog we talked about why user experience is important . While there are many variables at work in how a person interacts with a website, everyone agrees that user satisfaction, or UX, has a huge impact on whether customers stay on or return to a website and eventually buy anything. Good web design is crucial to attracting and keeping a customer base. At Corporate Conversions we approach web design keeping both our clients and their customers in mind. Both have to be satisfied for our...
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Why Is Website User Experience Important?

Having a website is considered necessary for most businesses to be competitive. Unfortunately, it's not enough to throw a website together and hope for the best. Your website is a very important communication tool for you to reach your customers. If it's not designed to present the right information and guide customers to what they want to see and need to know, it's, at best, flawed. In fact, a badly designed website can actually repel customers, so it's important to consider user experience whe...
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