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What Is the Difference between Google Search Ads and Google Shopping?

If you've been online looking for specific products, you may have noticed Google Shopping directly displaying product photos and information in your search results. Are you unsure of what the difference between Google Shopping Ads and Google Search Ads is? Read on. What Is Google Shopping? Google Shopping has been around since 2002 in some form. Formerly known as Froogle, Google Product Search, and Google Product Listing Ads (PLA), Google Shopping Ads features product pictures, pricing and addit...
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Do Local Reviews Matter for SEO?

Businesses in the current online climate must pay attention to the reviews their customers leave. It's not just for feedback, a bad review will discourage other customers from trying out a company's products or services. Another aspect of local reviews that too many businesses don't consider is their local SEO value. If you want your company to rank high on Google or other search engines, you need to focus on beefing up and improving your review profiles across the web. Online Reviews Are Proof ...
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Why Is Keyword Cannibalization Bad SEO?

When most people think of SEO or search engine optimization, typically they think about keywords . Proper keyword use and website placement is a great place to start with SEO. Keywords definitely still have a place in SEO today, although the search industry and best practices for SEO have changed quite a bit from the early days. Two commonly used - but bad - SEO tactics are keyword stuffing and keyword cannibalization. Let's go over why you should avoid them. Outdated SEO Tactic: Keyword Stuffin...
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Is Retargeting Worth the Effort?

Advertising is a crucial way to get your audience to click into your website. Unfortunately, it doesn't guarantee that once they get there, that click converts to a purchase or other desired outcome . A customer may be interested in what your company has to offer but gets distracted or doesn't have enough time to make a decision or enough money at that specific moment in time. If these clicks do not convert to sales the first time, is all lost? No! This is what retargeting is for. What Is Retarg...
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How Do You Improve Desktop and Mobile Local Search?

We all use our devices to do searches to find local businesses, products, and things to do. Do you primarily access the internet using a mobile device or a desktop computer? Whichever type of device you're using, odds are that you have noticed that Google and other search engines are getting more targeted with local search . While the results are similar you may notice that they are slightly different based on what type of device you use, desktop or mobile. Mobile Local Search The majority of se...
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