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How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

How much exactly does digital marketing cost? People often wonder what the cost of good digital marketing is, and the answer is: It depends. Unfortunately, that's not a very helpful response for any company on a budget, so in this blog we will break down the different aspects of digital marketing into ballpark numbers. At Corporate Conversions, we understand the importance of a professional, continuously maintained online profile, and we want to help our clients plan for their digital marketing ...
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The Difference between PPC and CPC

If your company is new to online advertising, you may find that there are terms and strategies involved that can be confusing for the uninitiated. Here we will talk about three terms, PPC, CPM, and CPC, what they mean, how they differ from each other, and how advertisers use these concepts to create effective, successful PPC ad campaigns . Several months ago, we gave some instructions on how to start this process by creating a google ads account . Once you have this account set up and are consid...
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How Do You Measure Website Success?

There are many ways to measure a website's success. Every business has its unique goals, key performance indicators, and ideas of what success means for that business. If you have an ecommerce website, success is measured largely by the number of sales completed on the site. If your business is a wholesale supplier, you may measure website success by website inquiries and the number of PDF downloads. If you already have a thriving business, your most important goal could be hiring the right tale...
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How Important Is Digital Accessibility?

On October 28, Ellen Doornbos , a local web developer and Certified Professional of Accessibility Core Competencies, gave a presentation about the importance of digital accessibility . This presentation was called HTML + A11y, and among the attendees was our own web developer, Mike Reed. Here are some highlights from this presentation. What Is Digital Accessibility? Digital accessibility means ensuring equal access to websites, mobile apps, and electronic documents for people with disabilities. ...
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The Importance of Evergreen Content

  We've discussed the importance of content for developing websites and improving SEO. Every company should be creating original content for its website regularly, and that content should be interesting, entertaining, or useful in order to engage their audience and drive sales. Some of that content will be topical based on what is happening at a particular moment in time. It's always good to produce some evergreen content as well. Why? Because it's always relevant, can be used over and over...
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